David (Guide To Vancouver)

What If You Could Visit A New City And Enjoy All The Benefits Of Knowing Where The Best Spots Are...(And See A Side Of The City Most People Never Will)

No matter what aspect of Vancouver you're looking to experience this ultimate guide to Vancouver will give you the step by step breakdown to visiting restaurants, easily accessible hikes, local attractions and preparing you for your trip to Vancouver.

Experienced travelers know the benefits of having a local friend in the city to give them sound recommendations about what places to check out and things to do.

You might say, "I don't know anyone in Vancouver, David!". But don't worry, this is exactly why I made this guide, to give you the benefit of having a local friend tell you everything you need to know.

Using these simple and easy-to-follow travel videos you can start to map out places you'd like to visit, explore and prepare yourself for what you're going to experience.

What People Are Saying About My Vancouver Guide Videos

Freddy Dom

Straight And To The Point

Freddy Dom

Hey David, thanks for all the content! Everything is simple but at the same time thoroughly explained. Very helpful
Haemak Kumar

Student Attending Post Secondary School

Haemak Kumar

Keep up the good work. ALL your videos are really well made. I'm coming to Vancouver in a few months to study at BCIT, and thanks to your videos I'm even more excited than I already am.
Juvy Benth

Family Vacation

Juvy Benth

Thanks David! Our family is going in July, so this helps us out a lot.
Maurício Checchia

We're Moving To Vancouver

Maurício Checchia

Very good content, very well made... Exactly what some anxious soon to be immigrants want and need... ;-)
Terri Cole

Memories Forever

Terri Cole

I’m at the Vancouver airport heading back home, thank you for your tips, they helped out a great deal, sad the steam clock was not working but overall, I will be coming back. Everyone is super friendly, thank you, you helped create ever lasting memories.
Cheesecake Jake

I'm Ready!!

Cheesecake Jake

Mate, I'm planning on moving to Vancouver next year and watching these videos makes me want to move there even faster! If I was indecisive before I'm sure not now.

DESTROY The Fear Of Traveling

If you're one of the many people that gets anxious or nervous about the thought of traveling to a different country or city, don't worry, you're not alone.

Thousands of people experience these feelings everyday. 

Common concerns are:

  • What if I don't know where to go?
  • What if I get lost?
  • What if I walk into a bad part of down?
  • What if I miss out on something really cool because I didn't do enough research?
  • What if I don't have enough money for my trip?
  • and of course the fear of the unknown...

...and all these concerns are just another reason why I made this guide.

In order to alleviate that anxious energy in your body I've made these videos in a way that will make you feel like you've already been here. I want you to feel confident about your trip here and filled with purpose when you go out adventuring. 

You won't have to worry about any of those things because through these videos you'll know exactly what to expect and you'll feel comfortable in your environment.

If your budget has you worried, I give you practical ways to save money and stretch any budget to get the most out of Vancouver.

What's in this guide?

take a look below at all the easy-to-watch videos you'll get access to

  • 1
    Popular Tourist Attractions
    • Stanley Park Tour
    • Granville Island Tour
    • Lonsdale Quay Market In North Vancouver Tour
    • Vancouver Aquarium Tour
    • Capilano Suspension Bridge Tour
    • Vancouver Zoo Tour
    • The Fair At The P.N.E & Playland Tour
  • 2
    Cheap Food Deals
    • Incredible Monday Food Deal (Poutine!)
    • Best Place To Get Mall Style Chinese Food In Chinatown
    • The CHEAPEST Meal In Downtown Vancouver
    • $4 Meal In Gastown
    • Vegan Friendly Low Cost Food In Downtown Vancouver
    • Inexpensive Singapore and Malaysian Cuisine On Main Street
    • Granville Street Pizza Deal
    • You Need To Try This Burger
    • Amazing Deal For Monday - Thursday Dinner
    • Local Favorite 24 Hour Fried Chicken Joint
    • Must Try Food In Chinatown
    • $2.95 All Day Breakfast
  • 3
    How To Save Money On Local Attractions
    • If you're SERIOUS about wanting to save money watch this
    • How To Save Money On Grouse Mountain Admission
    • How To Save Money On Capilano Suspension Bridge Admission
    • How To Save Money On Harbour Cruises Admission
    • How To Save Money On Sea To Sky Gondola Admission
    • Save More Money By Stacking Attractions
    • How To Save Money On The False Creek Miniature Ferry
    • Important Links & Direct Contact Info
  • 4
    Local Tips
    • Hidden Park In Downtown Vancouver
    • The BEST Swimming Spot In Vancouver
    • Best Happy Hour Spot On Granville Street
    • Best Happy Hour Spot In Gastown
    • This Store Offers Best Deal On Legal Cannabis
    • Take Your Own Self-Guided Local Brewery Tour
    • FREE Capilano Suspension Bridge Alternative
    • Get Free Wifi All Over The City
    • Every Skatepark Around Vancouver
    • My Personal Favorite Restaurant To Try
    • Tips For Moving To Vancouver
  • 5
    Hikes Around Vancouver
    • Quarry Rock Hike (accessible by public transit)
    • Cypress Falls Hike (accessible by public transit)
    • Tunnel Bluffs Hike
    • Lighthouse Park
  • 6
    Public Transportation In Vancouver
    • Vancouver Public Transit System Explained
    • Vancouver Night Bus - Tips and Tricks
    • Vancouver Bike Share System
    • How To Get From Airport To Skytrain (Domestic and International)
  • 7
    Neighborhood Tour Videos
    • Granville Street and Robson Street
    • Gastown
    • East Hastings (Downtown Eastside)
    • Chinatown (Including Dr Sun Yat Sen Garden)
    • False Creek

What Would You Normally Pay For a Tour?

You're average tour is going to run anywhere between $50- $200 (per person)

Taking a tour of a city might seem like a great way to learn the in's and out's but it's really not.

Let's be honest, a lot of the stuff they show you on a tour might not be of interest to you. 

You might get bored and want to go do something else or see something interesting you want to check out, but can't because you're in the tour group and that's your ride.

That's not the city you want to see. 

Not to mention the cost... You pay your $85 and then you go on a 3 hour tour of one area. That's not a great deal.

Just think about how much it would cost you to have someone take you to all these places, we're talking hiring guides for DAYS!

You don't need to spend hundreds of dollars on tour guides because I show you where to go and how to get there. 

Oh ya, and I've barley even mentioned that I show you how to save potentially $100's of dollars on things like getting into attractions cheaper to where the best food deals are, it's insane the amount of stuff I'm sharing with you in this guide.

 The value of this guide is well over $999.99

And you can get it now for FREE

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